American airlines online booking

American airlines online booking

Have you done an American Airlines online booking and looking for approaches to check your American airline’s online reservation? All things become so easy by the use of the internet, American airlines have made this process very easy for the customer to do the booking for their travel plan. American Airlines reservations one of the easiest and fastest ways to book international and domestic flights. If you want to make an enjoyable and memorable travel ride so join American airlines, they always offer you the best flight deals at affordable rates. The customer service of American airlines arranges their service in such a manner by which any urgent flight travel gets the best offers for all classes and discounts as well as earlier planned reservation customers.

American Airlines main hubs mention below:

American airlines, Texas-based major airlines and flies to many destinations all over the world. Currently, these airlines fly to many locations around the world.

  • Hub for the Midwest-Chicago–O’Hare 
  • Primary Latin American hub-Miami 
  • Secondary transatlantic hub-New York–JFK 
  • Primary transatlantic hub-Philadelphia
  •  Hub for the Southeast-Charlotte 
  • Second New York hub-New York–LaGuardia
  • Western hub-Phoenix–Sky Harbor
  • Hub for the South-Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Hub for the West Coast -Los Angeles 
  • Hub for the capital of the United States-Washington–National

Learn about American Airlines online booking step wise step:-

Go to the American Airlines official site for your online flight tickets booking. Click on the booking tab then a form open on your computer/mobile screen. You just enter the name, date of arrival and return(return date mention when you choose the round trip) otherwise you have no need to fill this textbox.

  • Open the American airline’s official website 
  • There you have the option to choose the type of “Trip”
  • Enter the destination and arrival location 
  • Enter the date of the trip
  • Enter the return date (if you choose round trip)
  • Enter the number of travel passengers
  • Click on the search button and know about the best deals that suit according to your preference.

American Airlines entertainment:

You can enjoy live TV channels like CNBC, CNN, and BBC World News and many more. Recently American Airlines partnered with one of the most famous music programs Austin City Limits, you can watch such type of live shows and make your journey or enjoyable. And there is a number of inflight entertainment available in the flight like movies, TV, and music and digital card game, battleship, and trivia you can play this game to enjoy the sky ride.

American Airlines passenger policies:

 0-2 Years old Infant Passenger Travel Policy

  • American Airlines allowed only 2 days old infants onboard.
  • Infants aged less than 7 days are allowed on the American Airlines flight but the parents should have to carry the medical papers /certification from the doctor.
  • The infant’s parents must be traveling in the same flight cabin. And hold the infant  in their lap.
  • There is no free booking for infants,parents must pay a certain amount of charges for the reservation.
  • If anybody wants to travel outside the U.S with an infant so in this case, they should have the bring all the documents of the infant.

 2-12-Years-old child passenger Travel policy

  • Two to twelve-year child seats will be charged, parents must be paid at the normal adult fare.
  • Children age 2-5 years old are not allowed to travel alone. They can travel only to the supervision of their parents.
  • If you are travel outside of U.S so carry your child all document with yourself, without document child not allowed to travel.
  • If your child is between 5-18 so, in this case, have to need a letter of consent only and who are allowed to travel alone.
  • If the same family has 2 children who travel on the same flight, so they will be charged for only one.

Pregnant passengers policy:

  • If 28 weeks pregnant passengers travel in the flight, American Airlines allowed to fly but they must see the medical papers.
  • American Airlines will not allow passengers to take a ride to a domestic location less than 5hrs away within 7 days before and after the birth of the baby.
  • If a pregnant passenger wants to ride with American Airlines, they must carry a certificate from the doctor who will show the clearance of the pregnant passenger.
  • For the American Airlines international flight, a medical clearance is important for pregnant passengers, medical papers of passenger show she is in good condition or not, and medical certificate issued 48 hrs before flight departure.

Disabled passenger policy

  • Ground staff of American airlines will help a passenger with checking in and getting them to their departure gate.
  • Who can’t care for themselves during the travel or emergency situation, they must travel with the guard.
  • If any passenger requires extra space, wheelchair, mobility assist, all the help you can easily get from the Special Assistance Coordinator.
  • If any passenger traveling with portable oxygen, so passengers must inform the airline of their situation before 48hrs of flight departure.

American Airlines seat class:

Basic Economy: Basic Economy class know for lowest cabin class of flight. You can enjoy the comfortable seat of this class with inflight entertainment and snacks. This class suit tight budget passengers. In the cabin passenger take the taste of snacks, tea or water and they can order according to taste via inflight meal service.

Premium Economy Class: You can get the more facility in premium economy class as compared to economy class, The seat of this class is more comfortable, and passengers can rest their feet more comfortable. In each seat you get the facility of the headrest and USA port. You get the free wifi service. And LCD screen in front of them they can enjoy inflight entertainment. You get a nutritious meal in this cabin. Menus structure depends on your destination route. Passengers book their food 30 days to 24 hrs before the departure. By chance, you have forgotten to book your meal so in this case, you will order by other menus through the in-flight meal service provided by the American airlines.

Business-class: Fly less than 3,000 miles, and available on the international flight. You get the wider seat and comfortable, you rest your feet more spacious. You get the facility of soft pillows and blankets, wifi is also availed and can enjoy the full inflight entertainment.Inflight meal of business class same as Premium Economy class. The passengers of the business class take the taste of the different flavors of the wine with their flight meals. And inflight meal booking condition same as the Premium Economy class.

First-class: The highest class of American airlines is known by the name of “First Class”.Many passengers fond of flying in the First class cabin some flying in this luxurious cabin only for enjoy, wifi service is free and you get the inflight service based on wireless streaming. The seat width of American airlines’ first class is 21 inches, and the soft pillows and blankets facilities also. The meal served in first-class is made by a professional chef, the flavor of different ingredients in the food gives the FIrst class cabin a unique look. Menus are Lasagna with Sweet & Hot Pepper Crema, Grilled chicken with Haricot Vert and Olives and cheese cappelletti. People also enjoy the wine of the first-class cabin.

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